My Favorites - September 2018

Just finished my third full month of working as a staffer at the Everett Herald and am getting back into my photos of the month posting! WOOH! These are my favorites from this last month and you can check out my last two months of favorite images in my previous post. Enjoy!

My Favorites - July/August 2018

It felt like the right time to update my website (since I just renewed my Squarespace subscription $$$) and start my favorite photos of the month post again. I’m a little behind since starting my job at the Everett Herald so here is a double July/August post of my favorite images since I started! Enjoy!

My Favorites - November 2017

November has been the month of life lessons for me. I only have a small handful of favorite images from this month because I lost my last three months worth of work (other than the images I published) to a failed hard drive.

I remember freshman year being repeatedly told by professors to always back up your work, which I normally do once a month. I was lazy and never sat down to back up my work after switching to a new hard drive after Hurricane Harvey. In all honestly I feel like an idiot but the situation could have been way worse, it could have been all of my work. Big girl photojournalist lesson: BACK UP ALL YOUR WORK REGULARLY, DON’T BE LAZY.

In addition to all the life lessons this month I also took an abnormal amount of environmental portraits. I’m not normally someone that is good at portraits but for some reason this month something just clicked. Maybe it was the fact that they were all found situations and not completely staged but up until this month I had never taken a portrait that I felt was worthy to be placed into my portfolio.

As I start the last month of my internship here in Texas, I feel confident in my portrait taking ability (which is a first) and will be on the lookout to make as many portraits as I can before I leave. Hope you all enjoy my images from this month!

My Favorites - October 2017

October was the month of fairs and livestock shows. I don't think I've ever taken so many photos a of kids and animals in my entire life. It was also an extremely colorful month in photos for me which was surprising. I've found myself missing the change in seasons being in south Texas and it seems like I was subconsciously trying to add as much color as possible to make up for missing the fall colors.

I tend to shoot fairly dark and don't always incorporate color into my photographs so I was happy with how many of my photos I was able to do that. I've also been looking for repetition whenever I shoot.

A friend shared an article on a photographer that has dedicated a huge amount of his time to photographing people that match pieces of artwork they are looking at in museums (his name is Stefan Draschan and you can see his work here: His work has inspired me to keep an eye out for odd matchings whenever I shoot which I think I was able to do semi-successfully with the "boys and the goats" photo. I don't know if I'll ever have his level of patience though.

Anyway, here are my favorite photos from the month of October. Enjoy!

My Favorites - September 2017

I've officially made it to halfway point in my internship at the Victoria Advocate, three months down, three more to go! As it starts to get into the fall/winter months here and the temperature drop to 70 degrees has me reaching for a jacket, I think it's safe to say I've acclimated. 

This last month has been filled with Hurricane Harvey cleanup/follow-up stories, crazy weather events and LOTS of Friday night football. If I've learned anything so far its that Texans are incredibly resilient in tough times, they love their communities and they LOVE football.

It's weird for me to reflect back on my last few months here because it feels like only a week ago I was out on my first assignment. Just when I feel like I've taken my favorite picture of my internship, I get thrown into a different assignment and come out with a handful of images that I love.

I was asked the other day what my favorite assignment has been here so far and I honestly had such a tough time answering it. I've enjoyed the majority of the assignments that I've shot here because it has been some sort of topic or story that was new to me. Even shooting Friday night football every week offers up so many different moments. 

Below are a handful of my favorite images I took in the month of September ranging from crazy weather events to Friday night football. I'm already halfway through the month of October and I cannot wait to see what I end up shooting my last two months here.

My Favorites - August 2017 (and all things Harvey)

It has been quite the month here in Victoria, Texas to say the least. What started out as a normal month ended up throwing me into a situation I never knew I signed up for.

Covering a hurricane, let alone the strongest storm to make landfall on the United States since 2004, has been the most mentally an physically exhausting thing I have ever done but I would not trade it for anything.

From riding out the storm in an old county hospital to sleeping in the newsroom for almost a week after the hurricane I could not have asked to be at a better place with better people while covering my first hurricane.

Before Hurricane Harvey, I’d only seen the aftermath of a hurricane through images on a screen or in a newspaper. Now I was the one producing those images and if I’m being honest it was a lot to process.

There were some extremely long days but the openness and positive attitudes of all of the people I photographed that had lost almost everything still floors me. Walking through their destroyed homes while they pointed at what used to be was unlike anything I’ve ever done.

It’s still a lot to process, especially when even weeks after the storm you still can’t drive to the grocery story without seeing some sort of destruction.

But for the first time, I also got to witness my work making a difference, which is something that will stick with me for the rest of my life.

Below are snapshots into the lives of a handful of Texans that were directly affected by Hurricane Harvey. I hope they move you in some way and showcase how even in horrible situations you can always find small moments of happiness.

My Favorites - July 2017

It's officially been one month since I made the move down to Texas for my internship at the Victoria Advocate and I'm happy to say I'm loving it! It has definitely been quite the transition into the hot and humid weather (not to mention the freaking huge bugs) but I've settled in and feel like I am finally hitting my stride as a photographer for the first time ever.

I'm trying to experiment with layers during every assignment and am forcing myself to get closer to subjects when I shoot (which has always been a bit of an issue for me). I still have a long way to go to get to where I want to be when it comes to my shooting but I'm finally starting to feel like I am producing images that are up to the standard I want.

Since I've been in Texas I've been able to shoot a wide variety of assignments that I would never have had the opportunity to experience living in the Pacific Northwest, which has made for quite the month of images. So, I've decided to share a handful of my favorite images from this month with you all. I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do!

Tips, tricks and critiques are always welcome!