My Favorites - November 2017

November has been the month of life lessons for me. I only have a small handful of favorite images from this month because I lost my last three months worth of work (other than the images I published) to a failed hard drive.

I remember freshman year being repeatedly told by professors to always back up your work, which I normally do once a month. I was lazy and never sat down to back up my work after switching to a new hard drive after Hurricane Harvey. In all honestly I feel like an idiot but the situation could have been way worse, it could have been all of my work. Big girl photojournalist lesson: BACK UP ALL YOUR WORK REGULARLY, DON’T BE LAZY.

In addition to all the life lessons this month I also took an abnormal amount of environmental portraits. I’m not normally someone that is good at portraits but for some reason this month something just clicked. Maybe it was the fact that they were all found situations and not completely staged but up until this month I had never taken a portrait that I felt was worthy to be placed into my portfolio.

As I start the last month of my internship here in Texas, I feel confident in my portrait taking ability (which is a first) and will be on the lookout to make as many portraits as I can before I leave. Hope you all enjoy my images from this month!