My Favorites - October 2017

October was the month of fairs and livestock shows. I don't think I've ever taken so many photos a of kids and animals in my entire life. It was also an extremely colorful month in photos for me which was surprising. I've found myself missing the change in seasons being in south Texas and it seems like I was subconsciously trying to add as much color as possible to make up for missing the fall colors.

I tend to shoot fairly dark and don't always incorporate color into my photographs so I was happy with how many of my photos I was able to do that. I've also been looking for repetition whenever I shoot.

A friend shared an article on a photographer that has dedicated a huge amount of his time to photographing people that match pieces of artwork they are looking at in museums (his name is Stefan Draschan and you can see his work here: His work has inspired me to keep an eye out for odd matchings whenever I shoot which I think I was able to do semi-successfully with the "boys and the goats" photo. I don't know if I'll ever have his level of patience though.

Anyway, here are my favorite photos from the month of October. Enjoy!