My Favorites - September 2017

I've officially made it to halfway point in my internship at the Victoria Advocate, three months down, three more to go! As it starts to get into the fall/winter months here and the temperature drop to 70 degrees has me reaching for a jacket, I think it's safe to say I've acclimated. 

This last month has been filled with Hurricane Harvey cleanup/follow-up stories, crazy weather events and LOTS of Friday night football. If I've learned anything so far its that Texans are incredibly resilient in tough times, they love their communities and they LOVE football.

It's weird for me to reflect back on my last few months here because it feels like only a week ago I was out on my first assignment. Just when I feel like I've taken my favorite picture of my internship, I get thrown into a different assignment and come out with a handful of images that I love.

I was asked the other day what my favorite assignment has been here so far and I honestly had such a tough time answering it. I've enjoyed the majority of the assignments that I've shot here because it has been some sort of topic or story that was new to me. Even shooting Friday night football every week offers up so many different moments. 

Below are a handful of my favorite images I took in the month of September ranging from crazy weather events to Friday night football. I'm already halfway through the month of October and I cannot wait to see what I end up shooting my last two months here.